We would allow ourselves to say that every human being seeks, or at least wants, to have a beautiful, fully-fledged life. This is why we keep thinking about things, how to make or create them, to have or buy them. We make our each and every day more pleasant and easier to bear, but at what cost?

burned trees

Every good and valuable thing usually comes with a sacrifice. But do we ever think about what happens when we repeatedly use our resources, without even trying to regenerate them? Polluted air, water, and food scarcity, climate change and many more problems arising and compiling.

As we try to become more responsible and sustainable with each day, to change our views and habits and to think more about the problems that require a long-term solution, we are now joining a non-profit organization OneTreePlanted that focuses on global reforestation.

You will not only be able to buy a sustainable product but will also contribute to the tree planting all over the world. Each purchased garment will mean one tree planted.

tree planting

Why trees? Here are some useful facts about trees and reforestation:

  • Trees “clean” our air by absorbing polluted substances and give us pure oxygen. By cutting down trees, we stimulate climate change.
  • Trees maintain water distribution and slow down the interception of water - it prevents us from flooding and water erosion.
  • Trees are home to all kinds of animals, insects, bacteria, etc. that are very important for our ecosystem.
  • “Tree industry” gives people work, housing and even food.
  • Spending time in the forest and being in nature reduces our stress level, makes us feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • Trees can slow up global warming by absorbing greenhouse gases and cooling down the temperature.

These facts are only a small bit showing why it is important to show awareness and to start making some actions. Let’s start small and let our impact grow even higher than trees!

Would you like to plant more trees? One tree plant is only one Euro! We will double your donation by planting the same number of trees you are willing to plant.