More to the story

It all started when fashion was mainly about “expensive and splendid things” or about “looking good”. And only for some people it was a little bit more than just another shiny purchase in the closet. And we wanted to be on the same side with those who are trying to prove that there is more to the story.

What story? The initial idea of creating something beautiful and sustainable for every woman led us down the path of constant learning. And what we’ve learned so far is that in no way we should avoid the responsibilities that came out of our rather reckless behavior.

Did you know that right now you are probably wearing a piece of clothing that was made from wood? Some highly used materials (such as viscose and modal) are made out of wood pulp that goes through some chemical processes until it becomes a material used for clothing. Such way of making material is leading to deforestation and air and water pollution. And such problems are not that easy to tackle with since the percentage of cut down forests is increasing.

What we can do? First of all, to think about our consumption habits. How much do we need? Do we need this much? Secondly, to think about the quality of the materials we are using. Not only for the planet but for ourselves as well. Thirdly, to start from little things. For example, from planting a tree. Because going forward starts from the single step taken.

Let’s face these challenges in a smart and fashionable way!